How to Beat Cancer Complications

Cancer Complications are definitely something you should not want to experience, complications would arise if you were to neglect taking medication or simply side-effects of the medication and therapy you undergo. These complications can really take control of your life and would decrease the quality of your life when going through cancer or living it the last few years of your life.

You might be wondering why one would have to beat Cancer Complications? The answer is simple, Cancer is curable, don’t give up on life just because you have Cancer. The complications cancer can bring can really alter your lifestyle, forcibly, you will have to live a healthier one due to the complications of cancer. Coping with the complications will make your days with cancer more tolerable and less painful. First, you would have to learn the kind of complications cancer can bring to your life.

Here is a short list about the common complications of cancer and how to beat them

Fatigue – This is a result of the cancer cells absorbing other cells, or more precisely, consuming other cells inside your body. Your blood cells carry oxygen and other components the human body needs, in order to gain energy and keep all the parts of your body working properly. If the cells are being consumed by the Cancer Cells, your body would receive a smaller amount of nutrients compared to the amount your body would receive if you didn’t have Cancer Cells attacking your body’s delivery team.

How to beat this Complication: Fatigue can be countered by doing light exercises, though it may seem counterproductive since instead of conserving energy, you’re now trying to burn the remaining energy even faster. Well, as crazy as it sounds, exercising will increase the amount of blood that is being pumped within your body. Which also increases the flow of blood inside your body, the faster it reaches certain areas in your body, the faster your body will feel the nutrients pour in. Also, the adrenaline rush your body receives after exercising can make you feel lighter when doing normal activities.

Nausea –When pain is experienced around the stomach area, then you already have Nausea. The uneasiness you feel when you have Nausea will make you want to vomit and would also be a very painful one at that. Most people would experience this after their Chemotherapy or Radiation Therapy. Now, it would not feel comfortable, at all, if you leave it be.

How to beat this Complication:  Nausea can be beaten by drinking warm tea, any tea would do great against Nausea, but the best would either be creating a drink that includes Turmeric or Peppermint. The two herbs have been known for the relaxing effect when experiencing any physical ailment. Peppermint has been used in history as the “go to” herb when people experience a slight discomfort due to Nausea.

Cancer Complications are something anyone, who has cancer, should be wary of. Knowing how to beat these common complications will greatly improve the quality of life you have while going through Cancer.